Monthly Archives: March 2013

Budapest is still one of the loveliest cities in the world. And I’m still incredibly nostalgic. Two good answers for all professors and classmates who have questioned my sanity in booking a trip to Budapest two weeks before my senior thesis (fully written, bound, footnoted, and anguished-over) is due. Should I mention that I’ll be making this excursion in the middle of a trek from Stuttgart to Oldenburg and Hamburg?

This time last year, I was trying not to think about leaving Hungary. Classes at CEU were winding down, friends were visiting, demonstrations were blocking Andrassy, and large amounts of turo pastries were being consumed. The usual. If I remember correctly, it was also almost time for the Spring Festival, which means that there’s no better time for a return.

You Budapesters, if there is anything interesting happening in late March, please send me a message to let me know! Likewise if anything new and interesting has opened and can compete with Szimpla and Instant in my heart. And if any of you have an appetite for mulled wine and Pozsonyi kifli, you know where I’ll be.

Post-March 15 is sure to be an interesting time to be in Hungary. Checking the news, I keep seeing reports of the country “stepping away” from democracy. Nuh uh! You don’t say!