Reading Hats

At approximately five gazillion three million and two pages, one of my readers at CEU hovers at the line between book and weapon of assault. But other than sending me dreams about infrastructural and despotic power, what else can it do?

Well, it can pose as a fashionable hat, for one. A hat that also helps improve posture. Or it can help me waste a few hours balancing everything from my kitchen cabinets on top of my head.

Still, at the end of the day, Habermas and Tilly showed up in my dreams. Should I be proud or worried?

Cheers for a week of ridiculously hard work, everyone! A few classmates and I are having a nerdfest over the class that birthed this reader, which is like a doped up sociological version of Politics of Violence. A good chunk of it is flying over my head, but hey–in the end, I’ll have read at least most of this mammoth. I hope this meets the demands for proof that I (not just my right arm with a camera) am actually in Budapest. Though maybe I should’ve turned on TV Paprika in the background?


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