Anything for You, Slovakia

Ferenciek Tere 10
1053 Budapest

This trip was technically in pursuit of learning, not my newfound gluttony for all things baked and delicious. Maria, the Hungarian teacher of “nyugi nyugi” renown, charged our class with the tastiest assignment to date: walking to her favorite bakery, Jégbüfé, and trying her favorite dessert, Pozsonyi kifli. All so we can remember the proper Hungarian name for Bratislava. For the sake of correct geopolitical onomastics, my friend Mili and I wasted no time in starting our hunt for Slovakian baked goodness.

Lesson 1: Don’t judge a pastry by its shape.

This little crescent pastry usually has two variants: Pozsonyi diós (with crushed walnut) and Pozsonyi mákos (with poppy seed). I opted for the walnut, and, well, YUM. Warm, soft, filling, savory, not too sweet, and a little reminiscent of my favorite nazooks.

Oh, the sacrifices I make for knowledge.

After inhaling the kifli in an impressive few seconds, we looked around for a list of future targets.

Spotted: dobos torte.

Targets acquired: one of everything in the display cases on the left, please.

Offerings at Jégbüfé include cakes, pies, tarts, buns, cookies, sweet pastries, meat pastries, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, ice cream, and even fresh waffles available through a window outside.

Gofri on the go.

A few more wonderful things about this place. First, it’s very inexpensive. Second, the workers are very friendly. But better yet, it’s open until 9:30 during the week and on Sundays. 9:30. On SUNDAYS. In BUDAPEST.

  1. Dew said:

    Budapest bakery destination acquired! (I guess I’ll have to start making a list until we come in June)

  2. babapest said:

    Oh wow.. I’ve lived one block away from this bakery and never saw it. Gotta go visit 🙂

  3. The pictures hooked me and my roommate. We’re going to check it out soon.

  4. So glad you’re all going to try this place! I think they have a location in Buda too, if that’s more convenient for any of you.

  5. Owen said:

    dobos torte!!!<– NEXT TARGET.

  6. Andrea said:

    Hungarian cakes and pastries, aren’t they just to die for…?

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