Four Days In

I think Budapest is the most pleasant–or pleasing–city I’ve ever visited. Nothing irritates (yet). Even in the grey winter, it’s a light and airy space. Not formidable, not overbearing. Easy to adjust to.

Classes at CEU started yesterday, but no questions about even glancing at my growing pile of readings. The city is too distracting and the year too young. I’ve spent the past few days exploring my little corner of Pest between the Danube and the Oktogon. Lots of shops, bars, coffeehouses, and inexplicable spaces that have VERY ENTHUSIASTIC! signs but are never open. The closer the river, the more beautiful the city–the view of Buda from the eastern bank especially. In Ithaca, I would skip class to moodily sit at Stella’s and catch up on work. Here, I want to skip class to climb bastions and bask in thermal baths.


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